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ReferLoan is a fintech company tied up with more than 175+ Banks and NBFCs and more than 345+ financial verticals like Loan, Credit Card, Insurance, Investments, subsidies with attractive rate of Interest and lots of other benefits digitally.

If an applicant required any kind of finances like Loan, credit Card, insurance or Investment then ReferLoan can help you with less Rate of Interest and more benefits out of it. ReferLoan financial verticals such as Loan following with – Personal Loan, Business Loan, Home Loan and many more. To understand regarding Loan – Click this links To understand about the subvertical of Loans like Personal Loan, Business Loan, home Loan etc. then follow this step. Step 1: Go to ReferLoan website Step 2: Click on Loan or other option You can able to see all the Loan Verticals. To understand More regarding the subvertical – click on the vertical For example – if you want to know more about business Loan then click on Business Loan Full information of “Business Loan” with eligibility Criteria, Documentations Required, and FAQs regarding specific verticals as well. Same Steps for all financial Verticals.

All your information and paper work which are send by you are totally secured under ReferLoan Privacy Policy and these documents are only send to bank for the sanctioning of your financial disbursal.

As your Information are used by ReferLoan for fulfillment of financial requirements, these documentations get verified by ReferLoan and according to the eligibility of applicant – the documents are sent to a specific Bank or NBFCs where they verify all the documents for the originality to provide the financial support to the customer. Different financial verticals required different documentation which are already available in website. If you want to apply for Personal Loan – then the documentation can be different from Home Loan. To check the documentation of the particular verticals – ReferLoan – Choose financial Vertical (Loan, Credit Card, Insurance, Investments) – choose sub vertical (Under Loan – Personal Loan – documentations)

ReferLoan do provides more than 345+ financial products in behalf of Banks and NBFCs and they are: Loan | Credit Card | Insurance | Investments | Insurance | Subsidies

To apply for any one of the financial verticals in ReferLoan, then the applicant has to follow some simple steps. Go to: www.referloan.in Then at top you can able to see “Apply” button Click on apply button Fill the form with – Name, Email ID, Mobile number, City Then choose the financial Verticals you required like – Loan, Credit Card, Insurance, Investments Then choose the subvertical like – if loan (personal Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan etc.) If Credit Card (HDFC Card, SBI Card, etc.) If Insurance (Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, etc.) After you choose the subvertical provide you Net Salary or Business Turnover. Hit Submit You lead will created in ReferLoan portal – Our Expert will contact you regarding the same.

Go to ReferLoan website – in landing page you can see “check CIBIL score” Enter your PAN card number and submit With this you can able to check your CIBIL score For any quarry regarding CIBIL score email us – it@referloan.in

For now, EMI calculator is only availed for – Home Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan To check EMI, follow these steps Click on EMI Calculator in ReferLoan website A form will appear Input Loan Amount which you’re required for in Rs. Enter the Interests rates to be paid (in %) Enter the Loan tenure (in months) Select the type of Rate of Interest (flat or reducing) Submit and then you’ll get full EMI details.

The use of login and register which is available in the landing page in the top right hand is use to create an account in ReferLoan portal.

Anyone with some kind of business from among available financial verticals, then you will get paid. For Example – if someone required “Business Loan” and you know ReferLoan do so, quickly go and register an Account in ReferLoan and provide all the related documents in the portal. When the referred person will get business loan – you will get Refer Bonus which is your payout.

Anyone with business referral create account regard to share the documentations, check the file flow and the payout made.

Follow these steps – go to ReferLoan website or App and click on the top right “Register” button A form will open Fill the form with – Full Name – Email – Mobile Number An OTP (One time password) will generate and send it to your provided mobile number. Type the OTP correctly Choose your password (Make your password strong to do so – make a combination of: UPPERCASE + lowercase + number + special character For example - Referloan#123 Click submit You’ll get registered with ReferLoan

Make sure to check your mobile number once. Make sure you entered all 10 numbers of your mobile number Only Indian numbers (not landline) are Valid for login Wait for sometime Try again by entering your mobile number If the problem continues then email us: it@referloan.in or support@referloan.in or Info@referloan.in

After successful Reregistration click on Sign Up. Process with registered Email ID followed by Password.

If you forgot your password then while login Click on – forgot your password? Enter your Registered Email ID or Mobile Number Click Submit You will get OTP in your Email Id (if you inserted Email Id) and in Phone Number (if you put your phone number) Enter the OTP and click submit Then enter new password and login again with the new password.

This is a Unique CODE generated by ReferLoan for you, with that code reference you can easily track your business and your payouts and also raise some quarry during issues. Your code might look like – REFERXXXX (XXXX – specific number)

No – the unique code is self-generated and you cannot change your own unique code.

Yes, you can able to change or update you dash board profile and to do so login to your dashboard and follow these steps In dashboard click on your picture In drop down menu click on – Update profile A long form will appear where you can add /Change – Photo, full Name, Email ID, Mobile number, Address, State, City, City PIN code, Date of birth, gender, Pan Number, Aadhar Number, Bank Name, Account Number, IFSC Code, Branch Address. Click on Update to update your profile.

To change password, follow these steps Click on profile picture Click on change password A window page will open – Create your new password and click Submit Your password will get changed.

The bonus points indicate the business you generated from your reference; the more bonus point you collect the more payout you’ll get.

To earn bonus point you need to look after someone who is in required for any kind of Loan, Insurance or Credit card etc. when you refer that person to ReferLoan, after the successful disbursal of finances of that person – you’ll get a bonus point.


You can easily check this in Summary book to do so follow these steps Login to your dashboard with proper ID Click your profile picture Click on “summary book” There you can able to find all the summary of yours and if you follow any problem do email us: it@referloan.in

To do so follow these steps: Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, State, City, Address, Pin Code, Breif About application Login to ReferLoan Dashboard and click Refer Fill the form – Product Name (Loan, Credit Card, Insurance, etc.), Product type (sub vertical), Amount Required – click “Submit” Then the next form will appear where some more important information are required like – Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, State, City, Address, Pin Code, Brief About Application and click submit. In next form share referral Aadhaar card and PAN Card Hit Submit to submit you Reference.

After logged in into dashboard – in main page you can able to check all your referrals.

In dashboard here there are two options – Sanction and Decline Click on Sanction to understand the amount of referral got sanction Click on Decline to understand the amount of case got rejected.

If you refer someone or yourself for any kind of financial needs then if any documents found missing which will be appeared in – documents pending column.

The “closed menu denotes the number of cases you refer get closed either after successful disbursal or by declined.

To do so – simply click on “disburse” menu and according to the amount of disbursed list your payout will get created.

No! it cannot be done nor by you or anyone else so make sure that – fill all the information correctly while referring someone’s information to ReferLoan portal. For further information email us: it@referloan.in or support@referloan.in

Simply click on your profile picture and then click “Log out” to exit from your account.

Yes, we can create multiple account, make sure to use different number and Email ID while creating accounts. For Further information Email Our IT Team: it@referloan.in For support: support@referloan.in For any information: info@referloan.in Phone number: Address: Noida sector 02, B-13, near Noida sector 15 metro station – Uttar Pradesh 201301