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Whether you are driving your personal car or a company vehicle, there is always a need to pass toll stations/plazas. Thus there are situations where money exchange for payment collection purposes becomes necessary. FASTag is an ingenious tag that can be simply fixed atop your windscreen and all the payment transactions can be done electronically between the tag and the plazas. Nowadays, people have to travel through the highways which means there are toll plazas to be paid. While you have your car in the parking lot, it may still be difficult to collect your money back and pay the toll plaza attendants. But if you get a FASTag from ReferLoan, then you do not need to worry about paying the toll plazas for your travel on highways. It will boost your overall travelling experience with its new-age technology and solution for highway payment. 

What is Fastag?

FASTag is an RFID device that can be used along with your prepaid accounts in order to get toll charges deducted automatically by the automated toll collection (ATC) lanes operating at 240 locations across India. It is a device that identifies you and deducts the toll fees directly from your prepaid account without having to stop for any cash transactions at the toll plaza itself. Just wave FASTag in front of the sensor when entering through the ATC lane and you are done. Your vehicle will pass through the toll plaza just like it normally does, and the tag reader at the toll plaza will read the FASTag affixed to your vehicle’s windscreen and deduct the toll amount automatically from your FASTag account. You won’t have to stop at the plaza to pay the toll. 

What are the benefits of using Fastag?

Save Time: If you travel on Indian highways, you would have been at the toll plaza at least once in your lifetime. Waiting to pay bills at the toll plaza is something that you should avoid. FASTag ensures that your idling time is reduced to an absolute minimum by providing a faster toll-collection experience. With FASTag, you do not have to stop at the toll plazas to make payments. You simply pass through and the cashier marks your account for clearing later.

Save Fuel: Sitting in a queue waiting for money to be paid at a toll plaza is not just boring but also expensive. Waiting in the queue and waiting for your turn to pay can exhaust a good amount of your vehicle’s fuel. If a FASTag lane is being used, vehicles can move non-stop and there is no need to stop at the plaza every now and then. This will save lots of money and also helps in saving fuel because of which there will be no hindrance on long-distance driving. 

Easy Recharge Process: You must have heard about the recently launched FASTag for Electronic Toll Collection. And if you are a frequent traveller on the Indian highways and a great believer in digitization, then you must be thinking about how to recharge your FASTag also. Recharging is indeed very easy and can be done through any of your debit/credit cards as well as through RTGS/NEFT, e-wallet, or even UPI apps.

Serving to Environment: Environmental protection is a major priority for the present Government of India. In order to maintain a high level of protection and address the issues arising from pollution, it is essential that the Indian transport infrastructure be hi-tech and green. Fastag is a new electronic toll collection device, which helps reduce the pollution level as it eliminates paper and manual toll payments. The unhygienic handling of cash often causes the spread of contagious and infectious diseases like diarrhoea and Hepatitis, thereby reducing health care costs by eliminating these diseases. 

Other than all these, through the use of analytics, Fastag has resulted in improved traffic management with less waiting time at toll plazas, reduction in toll tax evasion, and better law enforcement.

What is the required document to apply for Fastag?

If you are planning to apply for a Fastag, below mentioned are the documents that you will need to submit:

  • Vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC)
  • KYC documents to verify whether the vehicle owner is an individual or corporate
  • Passport size photo of the vehicle owner

Submit any of the following documents as ID and address proof:

  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID
  • PAN Card

What are the Charges and Fees to apply for a Fastag

To purchase a FASTag, you will need to pay a joining fee and a refundable one-time deposit. The amount of the deposit will depend on the vehicle class of your car. Once you have purchased your FASTag, you can reload it by adding funds to your wallet. If your FASTag is lost or damaged, you can get it replaced for free only once; however, subsequent replacements will cost you money. 

Note:  Please note that vehicles of a certain class must recharge a minimum amount in order to keep their tag active.


You can purchase a FASTag online through the issuer agency's official website or a participating bank. The steps to purchasing a FASTag online will vary from issuer to issuer, but in all cases, you'll need to provide personal details and select payment options.

You can log in to your Fastag account in 4 simple steps. Go to the official website of the issuer’s agency. Choose the option of retail or corporate login based on your profile. Now fill in your IID password, and click on the submit button. Now you can easily access your Fastag Account.

To recharge your FASTag account, just follow the instructions on the website of the respective FASTag issuing agency.

The deposit amount will be refunded from your issuer’s agency once you close your Fastag account.

No, as a single Fastag work for a single vehicle. For the other vehicle, you will have to get a separate Fastag