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With the growing competition, it has become very difficult for new and existing businesses to run their operations smoothly. During the time of recession, businesses have to do many things, which include using other ways to fund their operations. For businesses that find themselves running into cash flow problems, an Insta OD from ICICI Bank can be very beneficial in helping you quickly access funds within strict limits.

What is Overdraft Loan?

Overdraft is a credit service offered by financial institutions/banks to their customers. Applying for an overdraft means you can withdraw extra money from your current account, even if your account balance is zero. The interest rate charged on the overdraft facility depends on the bank and the amount you are drawing.


Here are a few factors about ICICI Bank Insta OD

  • Overdraft up to Rs. 50 Lakhs
  • Instant approval in a few clicks
  • Nil processing fee & foreclosure charges
  • Interest on daily outstanding for overdraft

Features and Benefits of ICICI Bank Overdraft facility

Interest Rate: 16% p.a ( fixed) In case of interest calculated on utilized amount - I-MCLR 6M* + 2% (spread) for an amount up to Rs 40 lakh I-MCLR 6M* + 1.75% (spread) for an amount more than Rs 40 lakh Loan amount:
Upto 25 Lakhs
Upto 50 Lakhs( For existing account holder)
Pre-qualified offers
No financial documents required Online and digital processing Instant disbursal
No Collateral required Pay Interest only on the used amount No Foreclosure Charges

A Comprehensive Digital Process for your Ease

Onboarding Sanction Disbursement Repayments
For Existing ICICI Account Holder Pre-filled forms Pre-approved limit Instant Disbursement Flows in Account
No KYC documentation New to Credit & Existing to credit Avail 24*7even on holidays Standing Instructions
Limit up to Rs. 5 crores
For New to Bank Customer Pre-filled forms & Manual form Sanction on the fly Post KYC validation Flows in Account
KYC Validation required Existing to Bureau ( Consumer Bureau) Video KYC (Individuals) Standing Instructions
Limit up to Rs. 25 lakhs Online CA portals (entities)
Existing Customers New to bank Customers
Pre-filled application form Customer fill PAN and details fetched through API integration
Acceptance through SMS/eSign Upload 12 months of PDF bank statements or GST via OTP
Instant setup of limit within 2 minutes Instant sanction if eligible
Customers are free to use the funds immediately
  • Directed to online account opening portal
  • After the completion of formalities account number will be allocated
  • Limit set up facility will be given after account opening

Let us take an example, How ICICI Bank Insta OD is being calculated.

For instance, if "Shubham" applies for a Insta OD of INR 5 Lacs and get th eOD approved at the rate of 16% with a tenure range of 1 years , in such a case his EMI would be INR 48,333 and complete repayment amount till the end of 1 years tenure would be 580,000 (i.e 48,333 EMI * 12 months), wherein the total interest amount is INR 80,000 along with principal repayment of INR 5,00,000.Few additional charges like those of minimal one-time processing fee 2% of the OD amount + applicable taxes. may apply. T&C apply.

Year Total Payment Interest Principal
Months ₹ 58,00,000 ₹ 8,00,000 ₹ 50,00,000
July-2022 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
August-2022 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
September-2022 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
October-2022 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
November-2022 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
December-2022 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
January-2023 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
February-2023 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
March-2023 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
April-2023 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
May-2023 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667
June-2023 4,83,333 66,667 4,16,667


Eligible firms will include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Private Limited Companies involved in services, trading, and manufacturing.

Documents Required

  • Completely field Application Form
  • KYC documents(Self-attested) - Entity proof – Partnership deed/Certificate of Incorporation/Shops and Establishment certificate.
  • Pan Card Copy and address Proof of Entity, Proprietors/Partners/Directors, Security providers, and guarantors
  • Audited/Provisional Financials of ilast 3 years
  • The entity's current-year performance and projected turnover will be required on the entity's letterhead.
  • Income Tax returns of the borrowing entity for the Last 1 year
  • Last six months' bank statements (for first-time borrowers) and 12 months' statements for takeover proposals


ICICI Bank offers you a wide range of products and services to help you realize your financial goals. One among these is InstaOD Plus, the unsecured overdraft facility offering which helps you meet your expenses through a digital overdraft solution

The ICICI Overdraft facility is available at your convenience. You can apply for an Overdraft facility through Internet Banking or the IBizz app of ICICI Bank, and you can also get assistance from their customer service regarding the same.

No, ICICI Insta OD processes no foreclosure charges for early closure of any Overdraft loan.

No, one of the best features of ICICI Insta OD, it doesn’t require the applicant to provide any collateral.